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Vietnamese singer Tlinh's new MV is SEA's first Shot on iPhone music video

By Cheryl Tan - on 26 Jan 2024, 7:52pm

Vietnamese singer Tlinh's new MV is SEA's first Shot on iPhone music video

Vietnamese singer Nguyen Thao Linh’s new song “Don’t Make It Complicated” is the first music video in this region to be shot on iPhone. (Source: Apple)

We’ve seen how powerful the iPhone 15 Pro lineup can be, thanks to Apple shooting its Scary Fast event using the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and people didn’t even realise it until the end. And, of course, we’ve seen stars like Olivia Rodrigo and K-pop group NewJeans shoot their music videos with the help of iPhones. 

This time, it’s a little closer to home, with the first Southeast Asian MV to be Shot on iPhone being Vietnamese singer Nguyen Thao Linh’s new song “Don’t Make It Complicated”. As the only female contestant in the top 8 finalists of the national reality TV competition Rap Viet, Nguyen (stage name “tlinh”) is a rising singer-songwriter from Hanoi, Vietnam. 

tlinh's "Don’t Make It Complicated" music video has just been released. (Source: Apple)

And it was shot completely on the iPhone. (Source: Apple)

“Don’t Make It Complicated” is particularly special as it was shot for the Year of the Dragon, and tlinh herself was born in the Year of the Dragon. The music video was directed by Bao Nguyen, a Vietnamese-American filmmaker whose past work has been in the New York Times, HBO, NBC, Vice, and ARTE and played internationally in numerous festivals and museums, including MoMA and the Smithsonian. 

“This music film is a great reflection of Vietnam, a showcase of modern and mythical, set across its raw and gritty landscape. Storytelling and aesthetic cinematography, they all come hand in hand. Shooting on the iPhone helps create this new cinematic language. With the iPhone, it gives you a lot of versatility, creating a new way to shoot any type of film, and think creatively, and not have to worry about the technical side of things so much.” - Bao

The music video also excellently showcased the iPhone’s incredible video stabilisation when in Action Mode, with Bao chasing after tlinh in one scene on foot while holding the iPhone. He gushed: “With the iPhone, Action mode has blown my mind. We had this great chase scene, and the camera was shaking. But when we were watching the playback, I was amazed at how stable the image was.”

5x Optical zoom lens in action. Source: Apple.

While Bao credited existing features like Cinematic Mode and Action Mode, the new 5x optical zoom lens also played a big part in the production. “It was really important to use 5x Optical zoom to re-emphasize when tlinh’s character had a bit of insecurity with her relationship, almost go into her mind in many ways,” he mused.

For an even better view of how things went down behind the scenes, a BTS video was directed by Phương Vũ and Lâm Đạo Đạo, two well-known directors in Vietnam. Without spoiling too much, here’s the BTS video of how “Don’t Make It Complicated” was shot.

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