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Vectordash wants to give new use to your spare GPUs

By Marcus Wong - on 20 Mar 2019, 2:55pm

Vectordash wants to give new use to your spare GPUs

Vectordash is a cloud-based game launcher that wants to turn any Mac into a powerful gaming rig by using their cloud gaming service. Basically, for US$28 a month, Vectordash will render your games on a cloud machine and stream the visual back to you. Technically speaking, even a Macbook Air could game at 4K 60p resolution if you had an internet connection capable of handling that amount of data.

A cloud-gaming service is generally an expensive proposition as you’ll need a good number of server centers to host streamers, but Vectordash is tapping into the crowd-sharing model a little bit by paying users with heavy GPU power to take over some of the load. The company says they’ll pay between $60 to $105 a month for the graphics processing power. Considering the cost of these rigs, that honestly isn’t much money, but Vectordash is counting on the fact that many cryptominers have GPU power to spare given the current bear cryptocurrency market.

Because latency will be a huge factor for the service, the geographical proximity between game streamers and host hardware will be key, so Vectordash will probably be very targeted as to which markets to move into as they expand. TechCrunch reports that the company will start things in the Bay Area and then move to the East and West Coast of the U.S. to start. Gameplay is said to max out at 4K 60fps and can scale down to 1080p, which should still be a pretty smooth experience.

Given that they’re relying on a distributed model of GPU processing, it does seem like Vectordash will be able to expand their service across the world sooner rather than later. Hopefully, we’ll be able to bring news of the service being available here soon.

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