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Valve updates Steam VR to better match up to the speed of Beat Saber players

By Marcus Wong - on 12 Feb 2019, 2:37pm

Valve updates Steam VR to better match up to the speed of Beat Saber players

According to Kotaku.com, real-world data collected from Beat Saber players forced Valve developers to adjust their limits for what was previously thought to be humanly possible. Apparently, some people are so good at the game that Steam VR wasn’t previously able to track them. Hence, a fix was issued to increase the threshold for how quickly a player could move the controllers.

In the comments section of the update post, Valve developer bendotcom explains:

The tracking system has internal sanity checks to identify when things go wrong. For example, if our math says you are *behind* your only basestation, clearly we made a mistake, because we wouldn't be getting any signal from behind the basestation. One of these checks relates to how fast we thought it was physically possible for someone to turn their wrist. It turns out that a properly motivated human using a light enough controller could go faster (3600 degrees/sec!) than we thought.

Rotating 3600 degrees a second is equivalent to flicking your wrist 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical in just 0.25 seconds, or spinning it 10 full circles per second; a superhuman-like feat indeed. Yoda would be proud.

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