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v-Color's fast 6400MHz DDR5 Manta XPrism RGB memory kit might be the X-factor that your new system lacks

By Glenn Chua - on 27 Apr 2022, 11:32pm

v-Color releases fast 6400MHz DDR5 Manta XPrism RGB memory kit

(Image source: v-Color)

6400MHz memory is startlingly fast, but it's nothing new. Established names like Corsair, TeamGroup and G.Skill are among some of the brands currently selling memory kits with that speed. With DDR5 kits becoming more prevalent, however, more brands are starting to put out their share of high speed memory. v-Color, a Taiwanese memory company, is one of them, and is releasing its own 6400MHz DDR5 memory line: its Manta XPrism RGB memory kits.

More specifically, v-Color is releasing four Manta XPrism kits, of which its 2x16GB 6400MHz at 1.40V kit is the fastest. This doesn't just encompass memory speed, but also memory timing, with the 6400MHz kit running at memory timings of CL32-39-39-102. If you're not looking to get these excessively fast speeds, though, v-Color also offers 2x16GB kits of 5600MHz and 6000MHz at 1.25V, and 6200MHz RAM at 1.30V respectively. 

The Manta XPrism also comes with an on-die ECC and a Power Management Integrated Circuit (or PMIC) chip for stability (as with all DDR5 memory), along with SK Hynix memory chips. Being DDR5, these are currently exclusive to 12th Gen Intel Core CPUs and Intel Z690 motherboards, and to take advantage of that, the Manta XPrism is Intel XMP 3.0-supported, meaning that it comes with memory profiles that you can readily apply in your motherboard's BIOS.

(Image source: v-Color)

Besides being really fast, the Manta XPrism have a really eye-catching design that prompted us to share this news in the first place. The memory modules have 16 addressable RGB LEDs on the top that give out rather interesting lighting effects thanks to a meticulously crafted diffuser at the top that ensures smooth light dispersion and offers exceptional brightness. The sides come with what v-Color says is a custom heatsink design for better heat dissipation. 


Availability and Pricing

You can get the v-Color kits at v-Color's website here. v-Color also sells an option that includes what they call an SCC 2+2 Kit, which is essentially a 2x16GB kit with two RGB DIMM fillers for a more complete look (similar to how Corsair has been selling dummy RGB sticks), though this is currently available only for the 5600MHz, 6000MHz and 6200MHz kits. The kits come in black and white, and as expected for cutting edge memory, the prices are quite high:

Memory Kit Price
6000MHz (2x16GB)  US$469.99
6200MHz (2x16GB) US$499.99
6400MHz (2x16GB) US$599.99

With the SCC 2+2 Kits:

Memory Kit Price
5600MHz (2x16GB w/ SCC 2+2 Kit) US$509.99
6000MHz (2x16GB w/ SCC 2+2 Kit) US$539.99
6200MHz (2x16GB w/ SCC 2+2 Kit) US$569.99
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