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USB-C will soon be able to support up to 240W of charging

By Kenny Yeo - on 27 May 2021, 9:36am

USB-C will soon be able to support up to 240W of charging

(Image source: Mishaal Zahed / Unsplash)

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has just made big changes to the USB-C Power Delivery specification.

It is more than doubling the amount of power that it will support from 100W to 240W

This means much more powerful USB-C power adapters. And for gaming notebooks, it means no longer having to rely on proprietary power adapters with DC-in jacks.

Specifically, chargers that meet this new specification will be able to deliver 48V at 5A.

Of course, you'll need new chargers and cables to take advantage of this new specification and the USB-IF is calling support for 240W charging "Extended Power Range" or EPR. The USB-IF also said that all chargers and cables that support EPR will be clearly labelled.

Though this new standard will enable more devices to be powered and charged via USB-C, there will still be certain devices that will rely on good old barrel jacks and proprietary connectors such as extreme gaming and desktop replacement notebooks which may require chargers that deliver over 300W. Gaming desktops also require way more than 240W considering most use PSUs that are 650W and beyond.

Source: CNet

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