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US Customs seized US$35,000 worth of fake Fitbits

By Salehuddin Bin Husin - on 14 Jan 2016, 10:33am

US Customs seized US$35,000 worth of fake Fitbits

Next time you see an unbelievable deal on Fitbits, you might want to think really hard if you want to get them. They may just be fake.

You know something has truly become famous when knock-offs appear.

Case in point; US Customs' haul of fake Fitbits.

True, there are clones of the devices with wonky names and questionable functionality, but at least those clones don't pretend to be the real deal. The ones US Customs caught did.

The shipment, sent from Hong Kong and arriving in Philadelphia on January 4th, is estimated to have contained US$35,000 worth of imitation Fitbits. The imitations were based off the Fitbit Flex

US Customs didn't reveal who the manufacturers were or their country of origin. They also didn't elaborate on how they knew the Fitbits weren't legitimate.

Source: US Customs and Border Protection (via Slashgear)

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