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Updates to Google Chrome beta hints at better browser gaming performance

By Liu Hongzuo - on 31 Aug 2021, 12:54pm

Updates to Google Chrome beta hints at better browser gaming performance

Photo by Florenz Mendoza from Pexels.

The latest announcements in the Chromium blog detail two exciting beta features that’ll likely cascade to Google Chrome in the future.

Chrome 94 beta users for Android, Chrome OS, Linux, macOS, and Windows will see a new WebCodecs API and WebGPU API built into the browser. Together, they’ll make graphically-intensive elements perform better in Google Chrome (if they pass muster).

WebCodecs API is a low-level API that better supports latency-sensitive streaming and client-side transcoding of video and audio without increasing overhead (network and CPU performance costs). Not only does it work better for cloud and browser-based gaming by reducing lag, but it also translates these benefits to serious video conferencing and streams. The increased speed and lower computing cost are theoretically beneficial to low-specced machines.

WebGPU API, as its name suggests, provides relatively modern features like GPU (graphics processing unit) compute and lower overhead access to GPU hardware. It opens up GPU processing to newer computation formats (Direct3D 12, Metal, Vulkan), on top of offloading graphics preparation and resource management to the GPU. If you shelled out good money on a GPU, this new API would help you take better advantage of it.

These upgrades won’t come so soon since they’re still in development, but the changes could make the entire browsing experience more enjoyable regardless of your device’s hardware capabilities. WebCodecs is currently closer to release than WebGPU, since the latter barely started its origin trial in Chrome 94 beta. 

Source: Chromium (blog) via The Verge

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