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Updated Google Photos will automagically curate best photos and assist in sharing!

By PY Ho - on 19 May 2017, 9:18am

Google Photos

Google Photos has been leveraging on machine learning to enhance the user experience, such as auto-classification and tagging of photos. At Google I/O, Google brings this user experience to another level by lifting most of the heavy work of preparing photo albums, sharing them to your relevant friends and even fast track photo book preparation. All you have to do is shoot and let Google do the rest! Suggested Photos and Shared Libraries are the new assistive features made possible by machine learning.

Suggested Photos

Ever missed out on one or two of your friends whenever you shared photos of a gathering? Worse yet, you almost always forget to share them? Or had difficulty choosing the best photos to share? Suggested Photos can analyze photos taken, select the right photos, and automatically suggests friends to share with. The recipient will also be notified to share photos of the same event.


Shared libraries

While it sounds similar to Shared Album, Shared Libraries allows users to automatically share relevant photos to selected people. An example will be to automatically share photos of food to best friends. An even more useful example is when you're on an outing with friends or family and you really want to capture all the moments collectively and not having to ensure you personally shoot everything on your own phone. With Shared Albums, the user can decide how much he or she wants to share. The recipient(s) can also choose to automatically save the photos into his or her Google Photos collection. Now you can have some peace of mind, enjoy your time with the people you care and not worry if you have captured enough shots of the occasion.

Other than enhancing user experience, Google Photos now provides a Photo Book service. What makes this Photo Book service unique is that out of the original user selection, Google Photos can automatically select the best photos to print into a Photo Book.  It will even lay them out for you so you don't have to spend time on arranging them.

Suggested Photos and Shared libraries will be rolling out in the coming weeks, while Photo Book service is now available in the US, with support to other countries rolling out in the future.

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