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Updated Google Drive easier to use than ever before

By Liu Hongzuo - on 16 Jan 2016, 2:47pm

Google Drive is now easier to use after an update

Frequent users of Google Drive (which is almost everyone who’s savvy with Gmail and cloud storage) would rejoice at the latest Google Drive update. It promises a slightly more intuitive process of saving the correct things in the correct manner, plus a search engine that’s comprehensive of the files you have access to.

  • For starters, when browsing files in Google Drive, the toolbar now shows a “Move” icon for files already in Drive and “Add to My Drive” for everything else. This means you can easily add shared files and folders that aren’t created by you.

"Add To My Drive" or "Move" is now available in a button - it will automatically know which action is available.

  • When previewing files, a new icon lets you add the file to any folder in “My Drive” quickly and easily.

Need to quickly save something emailed to you? Add To Drive.

  • Instead of right clicking to “add” a document to the desired folder in Drive, you can now drag and drop files into folders from search results.

A better search tool is always welcomed.

Perhaps this is their way of telling us that it’s time to spring-clean those files you have on your cloud storage. Happy re-arranging!

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