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The upcoming USB 3.2 spec will double the data bandwidth using existing USB-C cables

By Ng Chong Seng - on 26 Jul 2017, 10:43am

The upcoming USB 3.2 spec will double the data bandwidth using existing USB-C cables

I love USB-C. An idiot-proof, reversible mating interface, support for super-fast charging, and up to 10Gbps transfer rate if it supports the USB 3.1 spec, USB-C is miles ahead of all that came before it.

But specs change, usually for the better. The USB 3.0 Promoter Group has just announced the USB 3.2 spec, an incremental update to USB 3.1 that defines multi-lane operations for USB 3.2 hosts and devices.

To be more specific, USB 3.2 has provisions for up to two lanes of 5Gbps or two lanes of 10Gbps operation. As an example, the group says a USB 3.2 host connected to a USB 3.2 storage device will now be capable of realizing over 2GB/sec data transfer performance. And since USB-C cables are designed for multi-lane operations right from the start, existing USB-C cables can be used as long as they’re SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps certified.

Naturally, to get the increased performance, both host and device must support USB 3.2. And since this is USB after all, you can expect backward compatibility with earlier USB devices.

All that said, given that finalization of the USB 3.2 spec isn’t expected until later this year, it’d be quite a while before we can buy USB 3.2 devices. More information about USB 3.2 and fast charging advancements in USB Power Delivery will be revealed at the USB Developer Days 2017 event in September.

Source: BusinessWire.

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