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Ubisoft is releasing lots of free games to entertain you during the Covid-19 lockdown

By Kenneth Ang - on 1 Apr 2020, 6:44pm

Ubisoft is releasing lots of free games to entertain you during the lockdown

First and foremost, no - this is not an April Fools' joke. Ubisoft does actually have a month's worth of free titles for us to enjoy. 

With the coronavirus outbreak keeping everyone indoors, there isn't really much for us gamers to do but play games and maybe watch a couple of streams on Twitch. But there's just one problem: we're bound to get bored of seeing the same content day in and day out, especially considering the pandemic has halted or postponed many of the hyped-up releases. As such, the folks at Ubisoft (who are themselves working remotely!) have devised an entire April's worth of free games to keep us occupied. 

Image: Ubisoft

Kicking off the list is Rayman Legends, a wacky platformer featuring the character well-known for not having visible arms and legs, and it'll be available free of charge all the way till April 3. Moving on, Ubisoft has also mentioned that Assassin's Creed and Just Dance titles will also have their time in the free game spotlight, among other free trials and goodies. You can stay abreast of the latest offerings here.

Ubisoft themselves aren't just sitting pretty making games at home, though. Last Saturday (March 28th), they participated in a 12-hour live stream called Twitch Stream Aid, where they pledged US$150,000 towards helping and supporting people affected by the virus via the COVID-19 Solidarity Relief Fund.

Image: Ubisoft

When asked for comment, Hugues Ricour, the Managing Director for Ubisoft Singapore and Ubisoft Philippines expressed his hope that "this initiative and those we're seeing from the video game community will encourage people to play their part and play at home." 

Other similar initiatives include #PlayApartTogether, which is spearheaded by developers and publishers like Activision Blizzard and Zynga. It's also supported by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and that's rather amusing since the WHO were the ones most concerned about the rapid rise of video games and esports prior to the outbreak. Anyway, we never say no to free games - so fire away, Ubisoft!

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