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Two or Three New iPods to Launch Alongside iPhone 5 on 12th Sept?

By Wong Casandra - on 7 Sep 2012, 11:42am

Two or Three New iPods to Launch Alongside iPhone 5 on 12th Sept?

Source: Macotakara

While the upcoming iPhone 5 will most certainly make its presence known on the 12th of September, its tablet companion, the iPad Mini, is said to be launching at a later date in October instead. 9to5Mac, however, believes that the iPhone will not be the only device making its mark on the 12th and will be sharing the stage with "a string of new iPods" that includes at least two updated iPod versions and possibly a third. We don't have much to go on for both iPod nano and shuffle but the tech blog has made some interesting conjectures that are worth taking a look:

9to5Mac - "All these new lines will come in multiple colors, one of the lines will come in two size capacities, and the other two lines will come in a single storage capacity. With the current iPod nanos and iPod shuffles both available in multiple colors (and with the nano currently available in two capacities and the shuffle in one), we think it is likely that new iPod nanos and iPod shuffles are launching next week. However, it is possible that there is a third line as well (that, too, comes in multiple colors). With the iPod touch currently available in two colors and three capacities (black/white, 8GB, 32GB, 64GB), we don’t believe the iPod touch is the third line that comes in multiple colors."

Previously, Japanese blog Macotakara has reported that the next-gen iPod touch be featuring a 4-inch display instead of a 3.5-inch one, just like the iPhone 5. The device will also take a leaf out of the popular iPhone 4S as its"internals"will be based on it. However, the exterior case will include a "buffed aluminum" rear shell instead, rather than the glass back of the iPhone 4S or the mirrored stainless steel of the current iPod touch.

Source: 9to5Mac

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