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Twitch suspends art streamer because of her cosplay outfit

By Kenneth Ang - on 17 Sep 2019, 4:57pm

Twitch suspends art streamer because of her cosplay outfit

In this day and age, with people from different walks of life sharing ideas across the globe, it's really important everyone knows where to draw their lines. Some things are a big no-no.

That being said, don't draw unnecessary ones either. It's not doing anyone any favours. 

Case in point, Quqco is a Twitch art streamer who often draws popular video game characters on her streams. However, she was recently suspended because of the Chun Li outfit she was wearing on one of her sessions. 

Hmm...from the image above, although this outfit seems NSFW at first glance, I don't feel it's excessive, either. It's just how the character (Chun Li) dresses. Poor girl; it's not the first time this has happened to her too. She was previously suspended for donning a Mai Shiranui outfit, from The King of Fighters series. But in Twitch's defense, if you know the character, it wasn't hard to see why the suspension was meted out for that.

Alright, fair enough, Twitch

As a general rule, Twitch has always been rather vague about what is considered "acceptable" on-stream attire and what isn't, and female streamers like Quqco often bear the brunt of this grey area. Her suspension this time was awarded for "sexually suggestive content or activities", which the streamer offers could be due to the thigh-high slit on her Chun-Li outfit, even though she had apparently tried to mitigate that by buying an outfit one size bigger. 

Anyway, it's not Twitch's fault entirely. Netizen vigilantism, if you could call it that, is yet another issue, and it isn't making things any easier. More specifically, these online trolls mostly hail from a subreddit called Livestreamfail, where they often report streamers for the fun of it.

The former attributes her previous suspension to these folk, who apparently branded her a "thot" and proceeded to report her stream every time she went online, just for the sake of entertainment.

For reference, "thot" is a derogatory acronym that means "That Hoe Over There", which we hardly need to say is not a very nice term. 

Anyway, Quqco notes that she isn't the only victim of such "vigilantism". Not by far. With that said, here's hoping Twitch comes up with guidelines that are a little more...fleshed out, if I may. 

Source: Quqco, Koei Tecmo Europe Ltd.