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Twitch launches TikTok-inspired discovery feed to browse content

By Ezzhan Hakim - on 19 Apr 2024, 8:31am

Twitch launches TikTok-inspired discovery feed to browse content

In a move to enhance content discovery, Twitch is launching its own TikTok style feed to all users across the platform later this month. The new browse feature has been in testing for nearly a year and aims to provide viewers with an easy way to explore diverse types of content and short-form videos.

The TikTok-style feed will provide a dedicated place for short-form videos otherwise known as clips to be created and posted onto the tab. This will allow users to quickly browse and discover new content.

There is also a discovery feed which can also be found as a separate tab within the Twitch mobile app. There, viewers can expect to see content from channels they already follow as well as streams suggested by Twitch’s algorithm. By clicking on the creator’s profile picture, viewers will be able to watch and engage in their livestream. 

Doesn't this look familiar? (Image Source: Twitch)

While the discovery feed will not be ad-free, Twitch has stated that the advertisements will be integrated in a way that does not disrupt the viewing or scrolling experience. Users will still be able to easily navigate past the ads and continue their browsing.

Twitch has said that all livestreams and clips that adhere to its content guidelines will be eligible for inclusion in the discovery feed, offering users a curated mix of content from creators they follow and recommended streams.

Source: The Verge

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