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TwelveSouth's HiRise Wireless stand has a removable charging pad for travel

By Cookie Monster - on 26 Jun 2019, 12:06am

TwelveSouth's HiRise Wireless stand has a removable charging pad for travel

TwelveSouth HiRise Wireless.

TwelveSouth unveiled its latest wireless charging accessory, the HiRise Wireless. 

The HiRise Wireless is a modular wireless charging stand which has a removable Power Disc charging pad that you can use as a flat charging pad. As the Power Disc uses a USB-C port for power, you can use the same cable that come with the recent MacBooks or iPad Pro devices. This means one less cable and charger to pack for your trip! 

It provides up to 10W of charging, which makes it suitable for use with the iPhone 8/8 Plus/X/XR/XS/XS Max and other Qi-enable devices. The retail package comes with a 1.5m USB-C to USB-A removable power cable, but you have to purchase a USB wall plug separately. 

The removable Power Disc can be used to charge the AirPods with Wireless Charging Case.

You will be paying a premium (US$79.99) for the HiRise Wireless as the stand is made of heavy, polished metal for a solid, luxurious feel and the base of the stand is covered with soft leather. There are more affordable alternatives such as the US$39.99 Griffin PowerBlock Wireless Charging Pad/Stand and the US$60 Case-Mate Power Pad (with stand), but they don't look as elegant as the HiRise Wireless.

Source: TwelveSouth

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