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Tweet for a Greener Tomorrow with Nokia
By Joy Hou - on 5 May 2011, 2:53pm

Tweet for a Greener Tomorrow with Nokia

SINGAPORE - As we move towards a global effort of sustainability, we can all do our part to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's natural environment. As part of its belief in the power of working together to protect the environment, Nokia has been taking the lead in eco friendly initiatives since the late 1990s.

Eco-friendly Responsibility

Nokia is the only mobile phone manufacturer in the world with a fully comprehensive recycling initiative in the form of their take-back program, which has grown successfully over the years. The company manages environmental issues based on a life-cycle approach covering the whole product life span, and develops services that enable people to lead more sustainable lives.

In 2001, Nokia began having Eco Declarations for all its products by providing basic information on its environmental attributes. Covering material use, energy efficiency, packaging and disassembly as well as recycling, Nokia took it a step further as of May 2010 by providing Eco profiles of all their new products which contain information on the environmental impact of each device manufactured. Information like this helps consumers make the decision towards reducing their personal environmental footprints.

Over the years, Nokia has been able to reduce the environmental impact of its products significantly. For example, the environmental impact of a product like the Nokia X2 and similar recently launched devices is just a third of the impact of the Nokia 3310 which was launched a decade ago. The estimated environmental impact of the Nokia E7 over a product life cycle including 3 years of usage is equal to that of driving 255 km in a typical family car.

#Tweet for Take-back Program

This year, Nokia embarks on a twitter campaign that encourages everyone to recycle their old and unused mobile phones. To raise awareness of the positive benefits of recycling old phones, twitterers can do their part by following 5 of the most iconic Nokia phones on Twitter as they tweet their last days away en route to being recycled. Tweeters can also include the hashtag #recycling when they tweet about how they and their friends can contribute towards a greener tomorrow. The 5 iconic Nokia phone Twitter profiles are:

Recycling Made Easy

According to a globalconsumer survey conducted by Nokia in 2008 based on 6,500 people from across 13 countries, 44 percent of mobile phones are lying in drawers at home for years as opposed to being recycled. In fact, 100 percent of materials in your mobile phone can be recovered and used as raw material to generate energy as well as make new products such as musical instruments, gold rings or even a park bench.

Singapore consumers can do their part to recycle their unwanted mobile phones, simply by dropping off their old devices regardless of brand, into the take-back program drop boxes located at any Nokia Care Centre. SingTel customers have it even easier, as with every mobile phone purchase at Hello shops, they will be given a postage-paid envelope for them to mail their unwanted mobile phones of any brand to Nokia at their convenience.

Essential Apps for the Earth

Topping off Nokia’s sustainability initiatives is a celebration of Mother Earth’s wonders from the Nokia Ovi Store.

Astroller V2

Marvel at the universe and impress your date with this cool application the next time you go on a romantic evening stroll. Hold your phone to the sky and Astroller will automatically identify the constellations, stars and planets you're looking at. Pan around and the display pans with you. Be quickly guided to your chosen objects. View sunsets, sunrises and moon phases. GPS ensures accurate results *anywhere* in the world. Browse the globe and visit any place and time to view the sky. Flip into red night mode, zoom, or adjust the number of displayed stars to ease viewing.

AR Summits World

If you’re big on hiking and mountainous expeditions, this is the app just for you to discover the great mountain peaks in augmented reality. Powered by Wikitude's AR World Browser, AR Summits World will show you an extensive range of summits in a completely new way. By using the camera, simply hold up your smartphone and explore the names and heights of the peaks near by. Not only a fun and useful app but also as awesome as the views! Wikitude World Browser has been voted “Best Augmented Reality browser in 2010”. Wikitude is required and will be downloaded on first start of the app.

Green Dweller

Doing your bit to preserve the environment goes beyond Earth Day. Green Dweller is a mobile gaming application aimed at creating awareness about the environment and how it will impact our lives in the future if not taken care of today. Green Dweller aims at encouraging sociability through gaming, at the same time providing a message of saving the environment by reducing the carbon footprint. Green Dweller is developed for mobile phones using the Adobe Flash Lite technology.

Green Plaza

Check out the emerging 'Green' Quiz, Innovations & Technologies that will change the way you live. Green Plaza Application has been awarded with Nokia's Calling All Innovators Award 2010 in the category Eco/ Being Green.

TripSketch Green Traveler

The TripSketch Green Traveler presents eco-friendly activities and experiences in 79 cities across Canada, Europe and the US to enhance your travel experience while reducing your carbon footprint. Use the Green Traveler application to browse for activities that catch your fancy, record your plans on your Ovi calendar and map routes on Google maps

Green Living News

Want to know who’s the latest celebrity doing their bit for the environment and what’s the best range of eco-friendly furniture for your home? Lifestyle News from Feedzilla is the perfect app for keeping in touch with all things earthly. Keep up-to-date with the latest headlines about green living here.


TckTckTck is an unprecedented global alliance of civil society organizations, trade unions, faith groups and people like you ‚ all calling for a fair, ambitious, and binding climate change agreement. If enough of us stand up, world leaders will listen. This app is for mobilizing civil society support for an historic agreement on climate change in Copenhagen in December 2009. We are building the world's biggest mandate for change, to show our leaders that people are ready for bold climate action.

Take the first step today to recycle your unwanted mobile phone and celebrate sustainability for a greener tomorrow with Nokia!

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