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Turn your iPad 2 into a Fridge Magnet with Smart Cover

By Seow Tein Hee - on 18 Mar 2011, 9:25am

Turn your iPad 2 into a Fridge Magnet with Smart Cover

So, we are still far from getting the new Apple iPad 2 here in Singapore. But elsewhere, when people have had their fun with the new dual-core tablet, what's one to do with the iPad 2? Apparently, some folks have figured out how - by using the 31 magnets found in the Smart Cover, and attaching the iPad 2 onto a fridge, turning it into a massive fridge magnet.

Engadget - Has the iPad 2 not proven its versatility to you yet? Well, buy it one of those "don't call it a case" Smart Covers that Apple launched with it and you'll be able to turn your new dual-core slate into a bona fide FridgePad. Just add fridge.

Jokes aside, think of how stores can just easily attach the iPad 2 onto their displays. Of course, there's the question of security. With just a swipe, one can easily make off with the iPad 2.

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