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Tt eSports Introduces Metal Keyboard Caps

By James Lu - on 7 Jul 2014, 11:57am

Tt eSports Introduces Metal Keyboard Caps

Ever felt like your keyboard needed more bling? Tt eSports is releasing a set of zinc alloy keycaps to replace the boring plastic keys on your Tt Certified Mechanical switch or Cherry MX switch mechanical keyboard with shiny metal ones.

The keycaps will come in four varieties:

  1. WASD and Esc key
  2. QWER and Esc key
  3. ↑↓←→ and Esc key
  4. 38 key combination (letters, punctuation, ↑↓←→, and Esc key)

The first three sets will retail for US$19.99, while the 38 key set will retail for US$69.99. 

As the keycaps are metal and presumably heavier than the standard plastic keycaps, modding your keyboard will almost certainly drastically change the feel of your keys - something to take note of before you order a full set and grab your key cap puller.

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