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True wireless earbuds? I’ll raise you true wireless TVs from Displace!

By Ken Wong - on 10 Jan 2023, 12:02pm

True wireless earbuds? I’ll raise you true wireless TVs from Displace!

At less than 10kg, it is light enough to carry easily. Image source: Displace.

At CES 2023 home entertainment startup Displace unveiled the world's first truly wireless TV that weighs less than 10kg, comes with no wires and ports, and is powered by a hot-swappable battery.  Displace TV’s wirelessly connect to a base unit that is plugged into an electrical outlet and can be kept inside a closet or anywhere within the home.

The Displace 55-inch 4K TVs can be easily secured to any surface with no mounting required using Displace's proprietary active-loop vacuum technology. Users can combine multiple Displace TVs to form any sized TV with virtually no bezel in between.

Given the light weight of a Displace TV, a user simply needs to give it a slight push when close to the wall to get it to stick to the wall. Displace TVs have multiple rechargeable batteries that can be popped in and out individually. Batteries can also be charged one at a time while the TV remains fully operational using Displace's proprietary hot-swappable battery system. Each Displace TV averages about a month of total battery life for an average usage of six hours of active TV time per day.

The battery is hot-swappable. Image source: Displace.

Displace TVs are designed to be controlled by hand gestures, touch, and voice interfaces. They also utilise facial recognition and computer vision technology for the webcam.

Unfortunately, we don't have any further information as to the base unit itself. We will update this article when we receive more information. 


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Only 100 units are available for reservation from US$2,999 for a single display and base unit to US$8,999 for four displays and a single base unit.

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