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Treat your back right with ergonomic desks from Tableholic

By Ken Wong - on 27 Jan 2021, 2:19pm

Treat your back right with ergonomic desks from Tableholic

Standing desks are the latest craze. Image courtesy of Tableholic.

Gaming and ergonomic chairs are now widely accepted not just in eSports arena, but in offices and homes. I bought one last year and my back and butt thank me for it every single day.

In recent years there’s been an increasing number of ergonomic desks. Some are standing desks, some allow a user to sit and then rise to a standing position, and others have stands to mount monitors and other computing peripherals so that users don’t need to strain their necks or backs using them to work.

Homegrown company Tableholic is the latest to bring us five different models of ergonomic desks for children and adults. All the desks come in a basic model as a bare desk with accessories like wheels or an under-mounted shelf for a PC as add-ons.

The desk models are:


The basic A-Desk. Image courtesy of Tableholic.

Made from Parawood, with an opening for cables to pass-through, the desk is sturdy enough for daily use and should last for 20 years or more. The 122 x 60 x 73cm desk has a tabletop thickness of 2.5cm. These desks, however, have a fixed height and lack any other accoutrements.



Raise the desk manually. Image courtesy of Tableholic.

The C-Desk is Tableholic’s entry-level hand-cranked height adjustable desk. Also made from Parawood, the desk has the same dimensions as the A-Desk but its height goes from 75-115cm, which can take a user from a seated to standing position.


E- Desk/E- Desk Pro

POWER!. Image courtesy of Tableholic.

These two models use electricity and two motors to rise from 65-122.5cm. The E-Desk can store four height pre-sets. The Bluetooth enabled E- Desk Pro, a first in Singapore, can store three in the desk and up to five in the app. The app is available on both the Android Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The majority of the E-Desk models can be upgraded to a Pro for an additional S$30. The only one that can’t be upgraded is the entry-level E-Desk with MDF Wood (white/Walnut). See the app in action below.

The Bluetooth enabled E- Desk Pro's height adjustment capability might sound superfluous, but it can be handy if you prefer to have no physical desk height control module and would rather not have kids toy around such readily accessible-height adjustment options.



These can also be used as side tables. Image courtesy of Tableholic.

The Baby-Desks come on wheels and are movable, and has gas lift assisted manual height adjustment. Going from heights 70-110cm and supporting up to 30kg in weight, they can be used for children or as an add-on to the other desks.


Pricing and availability

For pricing and availability, take a look at the following. Do note that there are a number of options available so interested buyers should carefully go through the price list. Ready to acquire some new economic desks? Head over to their FB store. You can also head over to Tableholic's physical showroom at 587 Bukit Timah Road, #03-44, Coronation Shopping Plaza.

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