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Traveling? Get portable Wi-Fi routers for overseas use before departure at Changi Recommends

By Kenny Yeo - on 2 Oct 2015, 10:32am

Traveling? Get portable Wi-Fi routers for overseas use before departure at Changi Recommends

Image source: Changi Recommends

Are you one of those folks who cannot live without a data connection? Maybe you are a social media addict and cannot bear to be disconnected from your followers on Instagram or friends on Facebook; or maybe you are just a workaholic and the thought of all those emails piling up in your inbox drives you bonkers. Whatever the reasons may be, Changi Recommends lets you easily rent portable Wi-Fi routers for overseas use.

Changi Recommends provide portable Wi-Fi routers for use in over 20 countries, including popular destinations like the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong and countries in Europe including U.K., Spain, France, Italy, Germany and more.

Each portable Wi-Fi router will come with its own unlimited data plan, so there's no need to source for your own data plan when you reach your destination. And if you are heading to multiple destinations - say a tour across Europe - Changi Recommends also has packages that will allow you to use the router up to 3 countries per trip.

The specifications of the portable Wi-Fi router will vary depending on your destination, but each router will offer between five and eight hours of battery life and will be able to support a maximum of eight users simultaneously.

Rental is charged not by the amount of data used, but simply the number of days you are away. However, they do recommend that you use the routers responsibly. Using data excessively (like over 400MB a single day in certain countries) can result in your network being deactivated for the day. Happily, there's no charge for the first day of rental.

Changi Recommends is offering a promotion right now and charges will begin from just $5 per day for Taiwan, $8 per day for Japan, $10 per day for destinations like the U.S., Australia and Hong Kong, and then topping out at $20 per day for destinations in Europe.

To find out more or to reserve your router for your next trip, hit the source link below.

Source: Changi Recommends

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