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Toilet paper price-gouging is now a thing in Fallout 76

By Kenneth Ang - on 20 Mar 2020, 6:07pm

Toilet paper price-gouging is now a thing in Fallout 76

Image: Pixabay, Bethesda Softworks

I, uh...I got nothing for this. Like, where are you even supposed to start?

As if having to deal with price gouging and toilet paper hoarders in real life wasn't bad enough, it seems that Fallout 76 players will now have to deal with it in-game too, with some pesky hoarders charging an absurd 25,000 caps per roll. Granted, most of them are doing it as a joke, and you'd have to be pretty desperate (not to mention sad) to buy a roll at that price.

As the coronavirus pandemic stomps through various countries with reckless abandon, it's only logical for people to stock up and hunker down at home for a while, and it goes without saying that nobody wants to run out of daily supplies. Naturally, some folk have attempted to rake in tidy profits off of the crisis, selling stuff like hand sanitisers, wet wipes and toilet paper at ridiculous prices, although sites like Amazon and eBay have since cracked down hard on these real-life price gougers. 

That's good for us normal human beings, but neither Amazon nor eBay can do anything about in-game markets, which is why we have to address the elephant in the room - why do you even need to price gouge toilet paper in-game? It's not like you can bring it out to use in real life!

To be fair, it is quite hilarious when you think about it, and you could say that doing it in Fallout 76 is actually justified since it takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. However, I'm quite certain that this is just the beginning. Mark my words, pretty soon we'll have people stockpiling and price gouging in any game that happens to include toilet paper as an inventory item. 

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