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Tips for playing, training and battling in Pokémon Go

By Vijay Anand - on 14 Aug 2016, 3:11pm

Tips for playing, training and battling in Pokémon Go

Note: This article was first published on 7th August 2016.

Gotta catch them all!

With Pokémon Go now unleashed across more Asian countries, it goes without saying that almost everyone is venutring out on the streets to see what's the fuss with this new AR game. We came across a few easy to follow videos that should give you more insights on what you should do if you're a rookie. Check them out from Tech Insider Entertainment!

How to become a 'Pokémon GO' master

Win every Pokémon GO battle!


Oh and if you've missed out on our earlier news, ION Orchard is Singapore's first official PokeStop ;)

Inside our fourms, we've an active Official Pokemon Go discussion thread for all the ongoing updates, findings and chatter in our local scene.

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