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Tidal overhauls plans, removes free tier but slashes prices for most users

By Ezzhan Hakim - on 12 Apr 2024, 3:46pm

Tidal overhauls plans, removes free tier but slashes prices for most users

Remember to check your billing history (Image source: TIDAL)

Tidal has announced that it will eliminate its free tier plan and consolidate its subscription plans. Starting April 10, 2024, the music streaming service will no longer offer a free,ad-supported option.

Instead, Tidal will now offer a single individual paid subscription plan that's simply called TIDAL at S$10.98 per month. For families, there's a family option for up to 6 users at S$16.98.

This new plan combines the features previously found in Tidal's higher-tier HiFi Plus offering, including lossless audio, Dolby Atmos support, and access to over 110 million songs in high-quality formats. 

And crucially, these new plans are cheaper. An individual HiFi Plus plan used to be S$19.80, whereas a family HiFi Plus plan was S$29.70.

Previous Tidal HiFi Plus subscribers who had access to Tidal’s DJ integration feature will see it become an extension instead. The added DJ extension will cost an additional S$8.82, which would bring the total of an individual subscription to $19.80.

However, this DJ extension will not be applicable to the family plan. If you want DJ integrations, you'd have to subscribe to an individual plan.

Here is a nifty table for the pricing update 

Pricing Individual (HiFi) Individual (HiFi Plus) Family (HiFi/ HiFi Plus) 
Before  S$9.90 S$19.80 S$14.85 / S$29.70
After S$10.98 S$16.98

The removal of the free tier is likely an effort to drive more paid subscribers as Tidal faces increasing competition from larger streaming services. While the new consolidated plan offers more features for a lower price than the previous HiFi Plus tier, the added cost of the DJ extension may be a disappointment for users who relied on Tidal's DJ integrations. For those wanting to listen to high-fidelity audio, Tidal’s plan is now priced equally to Apple Music. Spotify has yet to offer an option for HiFi listening despite numerous rumours and promises.

Overall, the changes represent Tidal's attempt to streamline its offerings and better position itself in the crowded music streaming landscape.

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