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These are the new Lenovo Legion gaming laptops with 10th Gen H-Series processors

By Aaron Yip & Tim Augustin - on 2 Apr 2020, 6:20pm

Lenovo's latest 5i and 7i laptops will feature 10th Gen H-Series processors

Image: Lenovo

Multiple laptop brands have announced new products using the latest Intel processors, and Lenovo is no exception. 

Lenovo just announced the Legion 5i and Legion 7i laptops, which are coupled with new 10th-generation Intel Core H-series processors. The 7i laptop comes with the option of up to GeForce RTX 2080 Super Max-Q graphics - the latest of its kind. 

Image: Lenovo

The Legion 5i and Legion 7i laptops will also support NVIDIA’s Advanced Optimus graphics switching. This technology helps lower power consumption during less intensive gameplay, while pushing performance up in graphically heavy moments. Essentially - that means higher frame rates and longer battery life. Two things that sound extremely welcome to anyone who plays enough multiplayer games. 

Though we don’t have a specific price yet, the Legion 5i (with an RTX 2060) seems to be going for US$999 (S$1429) in the U.S., while the Legion 7i (with an RTX 2070) starts from US$1,199 (S$1715). We'll share local pricing and availability as soon as Lenovo releases this information.

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