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Thermaltake unveils its SWAFAN 12/14 radiator fans with swappable fan blades

By Glenn Chua - on 14 Jul 2022, 5:33pm

Thermaltake unveils its SWAFAN 12/14 radiator fans with swappable fan blades

Image source: Thermaltake

Thermaltake has announced new radiator fans with a rather nifty feature: being able to swap out the fan blades. The SWAFAN 12/ 14 RGB radiator fans come as part of Thermaltake's 2022 Expo, and is the first radiator fan in the company's lineup to feature this design.

The aim of this design is to provide users with more flexibility when it comes to building their PCs; for one, swapping out the fan blades by popping them out means an easier time cleaning dust out of the fan without uninstalling it. And as the SWAFAN package comes with two designs for its nine fan blades, one for air exhaust and another for air intake, it gives users the opportunity to test out their ideal airflow direction in a more convenient manner. 

If you're worried that popping out the case fan could wear out the fan bearings, which is a fair concern, Thermaltake is also throwing in bearing lubricant for repeated swaps in the box, which should hopefully alleviate those worries.

A closer look at the two fan blade designs, which come in either a standard (air exhaust) or reverse (air intake) design. (Screenshot: Thermaltak Global YouTube channel)

As for the fan's performance, the PWM-controlled SWAFAN offers an RPM range of about 500 to 2,000. Thermaltake also claimed a max airflow rate of 53.02 / 54.85 CFM for the 120mm SWAFAN and 77.6 / 71.3 CFM for the 140mm fan in the product launch livestream, the dual speeds presumably a result of there being two different blade designs (though it didn't specify which speed belonged to which design). Similarly, Thermaltake also claimed a noise level of 30.5 / 36.5 dBA for the 120mm fan and 34.5 / 40.5 dBA for the 140mm fan.

Finally, the SWAFAN also comes with three addressable RGB rings with 30 LEDs for some rainbow-coloured action. The standard 16.7 million colours are available here, and can be controlled through Thermaltake's TT RGB Plus 2.0 software or NeonMaker software.

Availability and Pricing

Unfortunately, being fresh-out-of-the-oven products, there's currently no release information for the SWAFAN 12/ 14 radiator fans, though at the very least we're not completely in the dark when it comes to what's in the box. To recap, the radiator fans will be available in 120mm and 140mm dimensions, and will come with the frame, standard exhaust and reverse intake fan blades, along with the bearing lubricant.

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