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Thermaltake's Level 20 BattleStation RGB is an electric gaming desk with fancy lighting

By Koh Wanzi - on 10 May 2019, 11:21am

Thermaltake's Level 20 BattleStation RGB is an electric gaming desk with fancy lighting

Thermaltake Battlestation

There's no such thing as too many RGB lights, according to Thermaltake. The company has announced the Level 20 BattleStation RGB, an electric height-adjustable gaming desk with customizable RGB lighting strips in 16.8 million colors. 

The entire desk surface is effectively a giant mousepad, although you'll probably prefer your regular pad if you're picky about stuff like mouse control and glide. That said, the surface has been modeled after a cloth pad, with a semi-coarse texture weave and what looks to be stitches edges to prevent fraying. The good news is that the pad isn't built into the table either. It clings to the table with its rubber base, but you can remove it to wash it when it gets dirty.

The desk has a range of motion between 70 and 110cm, so you can use it both sitting down and standing up. In comparison, Aftershock's Omnidesk Pro offers a slightly wider range of between 60 and 125cm, but the difference probably isn't that significant. 

The Battlestation has a six-button controller with a digital display that clearly shows the current height. The control panel will also allow you to set up to four height presets and quickly access each of them with the push of a dedicated button, so height customizations should be pretty simple and intuitive. 

Thermaltake Battlestation

Thermaltake clearly expects you to pair the Battlestation with a really powerful rig as well, and the desk motor is rated for a maximum load of 150kg. The desk measures 165 x 75cm, which can comfortably fit two monitors (maybe three) and your desktop. It's also constructed out of aluminum, and the table itself has a thickness of a good 3cm and what Thermaltake says is a special powder coating finish that is resistant to scratches.

The lighting system offers up to eight dynamic lighting effects and 20 independent lighting zones that can be controlled using Thermaltake's iTAKE software. The software will let you customize the desk and other accessories and components in the TT RGB Plus ecosystem, so you can also implement synchronized lighting effects across your entire setup. 

To help keep things neat, there's also an integrated cable management tray for hiding all your wires and cables. 

If you're in the market for an electrick desk, Aftershock's Omnidesk Pro probably has the edge in terms of customization options and add-on accessories. For example, you can add monitor arms and mount your desktop below the desk to free up space on the table. Furthermore, the Battlestation will also tear quite a big hole in your wallet, and it'll retail at a whopping US$1,199. Still, if you've already bought into Thermaltake's ecosystem, there's no doubt that it'll make a really fancy addition to your setup. 

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