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Teyon's new RoboCop game Rogue City is scheduled for a 2023 release

By Kenneth Ang - on 8 Jul 2021, 2:30pm

Teyon's new RoboCop game Rogue City is scheduled for a 2023 release

Image: Teyon

Earlier today, Terminator: Resistance's developer Teyon announced that they're working on yet another robot-centric title.

Or at the very least, half-robot.

Accompanied by an all-new teaser trailer, which we've included for your viewing pleasure below, our first glimpse (or part thereof) of RoboCop: Rogue City has finally arrived at the scene of the crime, and it is apparently scheduled for release on PC and consoles sometime in 2023. Accordingly, there's still lots of time for Teyon to work out all of the cyborg's kinks and signature monotone lines, so hopefully, we can expect them to "do the franchise justice" with Rogue City

Borderline-criminal pun aside, the trailer doesn't really tell us much about the gameplay itself, though we do know that you will certainly be seeing RoboCop's iconic sidearm dishing out some hurt. As such, the floor is currently open to community speculation, with people suggesting that it could be a third-person RPG or even a first-person shooter. Despite the general lack of information on gameplay, the developers have mentioned that Rogue City's narrative will draw inspiration from the original film trilogy. Speaking of original, it is also unknown if we can expect the character's original voice actor Peter Weller to reprise his role as he did for RoboCop's cameo in Mortal Kombat 11 - though we certainly hope he does.

Nevertheless, at least fans will now have something to look forward to. Regardless of what genre the game turns out to be, it's still a rather welcome addition to a franchise that has largely faded into the pop culture background in recent years. And as interesting as these recent gaming cameos are, nothing quite beats getting your own dedicated title. 

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