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TerraMaster’s new DAS can quickly add local storage for PCs and Macs

By Ken Wong - on 2 Nov 2021, 11:03am

TerraMaster’s new DAS can add local storage quickly for PCs and Macs

The DAS features TerraMaster’s exclusive 2+3 RAID storage configuration. Image source: TerraMaster.

TerraMaster’s new D5-300C is a five-bay Direct Attached Storage (DAS) device that can be used to add local storage capacity with its USB type-C SuperSpeed (USB 3.0) interface.

Using this interface, the DAS can reach read/write speeds of up to 410MB/s. In comparison, under USB 2.0, the read/write speed only can reach 28MB/s. It can support up to five 2.5 or 3.5-inch drives and has a maximum storage capacity of 90TB.

Typically, in a DAS, the usual option was to use all the drives in a RAID or as single storage units. Mixing and matching storage and RAID types are easier and less expensive in a NAS, but the enclosure would cost more.

The TerraMaster D5-300C however comes with TerraMaster’s exclusive 2+3 RAID storage configuration. This allows RAID 0 or RAID 1 to be used for the first and second HDD bays while the rest of the drives installed on the other bays work as single, independent drives. This gives the user more flexibility.

It is available now from the TerraMaster website for US$219.99. But do note that this is just the enclosure, and you will still need to buy the drives separately.

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