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Tegic’s Block 30 is an expensive but stylish and powerful power bank

By Kenny Yeo - on 11 Sep 2021, 9:58am

Tegic’s Block 30 is an expensive but stylish and powerful power bank

Note: This article was first published on 10 August 2021.

The Tegic Block 30 (Image source: Tegic)

Power banks are a dime a dozen these days, so why spend nearly S$100 on one?

Maybe it’s because of the way it looks. The Tegic Block 30 features a bevelled aluminium alloy body with a tempered glass section that lets you see part of the circuit board. 

The visible section contains status and charging LEDs that light up when the power bank is in use or when it’s being charged, so it’s not just for show only.

Crucially, the Block 30 feels every bit as solid and as well-made as a nearly S$100 power bank should be.

Because of the thick aluminium body, the Block 30 feels quite heavy. Judging from the weight, you’d think it has a large battery capacity but it’s only 10,000mAh or 37Wh.

That’s sufficient to charge a couple of phones but not enough to fully charge notebooks, which you might want to do because it features 30W PD. That’s sufficient to keep a MacBook Pro going for a couple of hours or charge it from 0% to at least 50%.

The Block 30 in black. (Image source: Tegic)

It features a single USB-C port that delivers up to 30W and a USB-A port that delivers up to 18W. The USB-C port is also used for charging the power bank.

There’s no sugar-coating this. At US$69 (S$93), the Tegic Block 30 is an exceedingly expensive power bank. But it is also very capable, with decent capacity for travelling and powerful enough to quickly charge phones and even ultraportable-class notebooks. If you have the means, the Block 30 is a great high-end portable power bank.

The Tegic Block 30 is available from the Tegic web store here for US$69. It comes in grey and black. Readers can enjoy 20% off with the code Tegic20. This code can be used for all Tegic products.

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