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Tecno unveils new colour changing concept phone at MWC 2023

By Oscar the Grouch - on 3 Mar 2023, 2:04pm

Tecno unveils new colour-changing concept phone at MWC 2023

In the future, we may be able to change the colours of our phones whenever we want, just to match our OOTDs. (Image source: Tecno)

When a new generation of smartphones or gadgets launches, one of the biggest headaches we have is choosing which  new colour to buy.

This problem might soon be a thing of the past thanks to the Chinese mobile brand Tecno.

The company introduced its new Chameleon Coloring Technology at MWC 2023, which can produce a variety of hues and patterns from solid colours to mesmerising gradients.

According to a demo video seen on GSM Arena, the colours appear to be completely customisable by the user through an app.

The colour of the panel are apparently customisable through an app. (Video screenshot: GSM Arena)

The panel works by zapping a grid of tiny sub-micron prisms that change direction with electricity. Depending on the direction each individual prism face after being zapped, a different colour is reflected.

By precisely controlling the electrical field’s flow through the panel, the panel can show off a variety of patterns in a full spectrum of colour.

Colour-changing glass through electric charges is nothing new – Vivo showed something similar in 2020, and who can forget BMW’s colour-changing car? – but they’re typically limited to a few colours or the colour change happens at a slow pace.

Tecnno’s panel can display 1,600 vibrant colours and appears to do so relatively quickly, which raises exciting possibilities for the future of smartphone design. It may also have broader applications beyond consumer gadgets.

The Chameleon Coloring Technology is not available on any phones yet, but we hope to see it at least come to the brand’s phone this year.

Source: GSMArena

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