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A teaser for Stranger Things Season 4 reveals that *spoiler* was alive all along

By Tim Augustin - on 18 Feb 2020, 1:20pm

A teaser for Stranger Things Season 4 reveals that *spoiler* was alive all along

Image: Netflix

In an unexpected move, Netflix has decided to spoil Season 4 of Stranger Things all by themselves. 

The streaming service released a teaser for Stranger Things Season 4 recently, giving us an answer to a massive Season 3 cliffhanger. The teaser takes place in snowy Russia, where dozens of workers are chained up and constructing a railroad. One of those workers is, apparently, a very alive and very bald Jim Hopper!

Hopper was last seen sacrificing himself in the Season 3 finale, having destroyed a machine constructed by Russians in a secret laboratory. The machine would have brought gnarly and bloodthirsty creatures from the Upside Down into our world, so he made the right call. However, an end-of-season twist revealed that the Russians were keeping a mysterious American in a cell… along with a Demogorgon. 

A press release from Netflix confirmed that Hopper will begin the season in Kamchatka, Russia while the kids do battle with a new threat in the United States. Funnily enough, this isn’t Hopper’s first time in Russia. Though a release date hasn’t been revealed just yet, Stranger Things Season 4 will likely drop sometime this year.

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