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Teamgroup launches MagSafe-compatible portable SSD, letting you expand iPhone storage

By Liu Hongzuo - on 22 Mar 2024, 11:38am

Teamgroup launches MagSafe-compatible portable SSD, letting you expand iPhone storage

Teamgroup PD20M Mag External SSD (left) and Ultra-CR1 (right).

Taiwanese DIY PC hardware company Teamgroup loves creating zany components or products for folks who want to milk performance at every opportunity. Among its latest product launches is a new MagSafe-compatible portable SSD for Apple iPhones needing extra space.

Teamgroup PD20M Mag External SSD

This new MagSafe-compatible portable SSD weighs just 40g but can offer up to 2TB of extra storage space— double the iPhone’s highest possible internal storage capacity. It’s 8.2mm thick, which would make your iPhone bulkier, but its 70 x 62mm size ensures it stays well within the iPhone’s frame.

Other perks include its support for continuous 144 minutes of 4K40FPS recording in ProRes format, support for Thunderbolt ports, and compatibility with Windows OS or MacOS systems. 

Overall, the PD20M Mag External SSD seems specifically designed for content creators or videography professionals who need all that extra space to record in high-quality formats. It’s also great as extra storage for casual photographers who want to keep all their travel photos without encroaching on the iPhone’s internal storage, letting them bring more memories home to process on a notebook or desktop system.

The only catch? This portable SSD uses a Type-C (USB 3.2 Gen2x2) cable, which is only compatible with USB-C Apple products at the time of publishing (e.g. Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro series phones, iPads). You’ll need to get an adapter for older, Lightning-port iPhone models. 

The Teamgroup PD20M Mag External SSD will be available on Amazon and Newegg, with prices to be announced after it hits retail. The official Teamgroup website said its products can be found from two Singapore-based distributors, Spectra and AverTek.

Teamgroup Ultra-CR1 USB-C to MicroSD card reader

Teamgroup Ultra-CR1.

Among its new launches is a lightweight 2.7g port adapter/converter that plugs into USB-C ports to offer a MicroSD slot in return. Teamgroup said it offers up to 180MB/s of maximum transfer speeds.

This is a storage alternative for users who gripe about Android smartphones that exclude MicroSD card trays. It also has extra plug-and-play convenience of transferring photos and videos shot from phones to any notebook or desktop with USB-C ports.

The Teamgroup Ultra-CR1 also works with iPadOS and iOS devices.

Like the portable SSD above, the Teamgroup Ultra-CR1 will also be available on Amazon and Newegg, with its pricing announced after it hits retail.

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