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Teamgroup launches a new cooler and ARGB fan for Gen 5 SSDs

By Liu Hongzuo - on 24 Aug 2023, 4:45pm

Teamgroup launches a new cooler and ARGB fan for Gen 5 SSDs

Teamgroup's T-Force lineup introduces a new cooler and ARGB fan for PCIe gen 5 SSDs.

Teamgroup’s gaming division, T-Force, has announced two new SSD cooling products for DIY PC builders: the new T-Force Dark AirFlow I SSD Cooler, and the T-Force RT-X120 ARGB Fan.

According to its official announcement, the new SSD (solid-state drive) cooling products are designed to handle both PCIe Gen 4 SSDs, and the newer PCIe Gen 5 SSDs. The latter has higher operating temperatures than its predecessors during use, and these new T-Force cooling products will allow Gen 5 SSDs to maintain a stable, consistent read-and-write performance.

T-Force Dark AirFlow I SSD Cooler

T-Force Dark AirFlow I SSD Cooler.

This new heat-dissipation cooler uses a dual-layer cooling structure with two 5mm-diametre pure copper heat pipes, paired with multi-layered aluminium alloy cooling fins to spread out its heat dispersion needs. 

Features include a “high-pressure” smart PWM (pulse width modulation) fan that lets users control fan speeds based on the SSD’s temperature and the use of ultra-thin graphene for excellent thermal conductivity.

T-Force RT-X120 ARGB Fan

T-Force RT-X120 ARGB Fan.

These cooling fans pack a high-speed motor with oil-sealed bearing, providing up to 50,000 hours of lifespan with intelligent high-pressure PWM support. It’s a cooling fan that can keep up with heat dissipation for PC builds with Gen 5 SSDs.

Its addressable RGB (ARGB) lights set the fans apart, allowing more personalisation and customisation than typical RGB vanity products. ARGB lets users control every single LED in the cluster, allowing them to create highly unique combinations for taste.

Teamgroup said that the T-Force Dark AirFlow I SSD Cooler and T-Force RT-X120 ARGB Fan will be available on Amazon U.S. come October 2023 — no official prices have been revealed yet. We’ll update again if they come to Singapore.

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