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TeamGroup hints at a hybrid CPU and SSD AIO Cooler, expanding focus on SSD cooling solutions

By The Count - on 14 Jul 2022, 6:31pm

TeamGroup hints at CPU/SSD AIO Cooler, expanding focus on SSD cooling solutions

It's shrouded in mystery at this time, so this image is all we have to go off of. (Image source: TeamGroup)

PCIe Gen5 is almost here. With the launch of SSDs like the gaming-centred T-Force Cardea A440 Pro and the enterprise-oriented Samsung PM1743, along with the announcement that AMD's Zen 4 CPU architecture would support the new standard, it won't be long before PCIe 5.0 becomes the norm for consumer products, subsuming PCIe 4.0.

However, with the increase in speeds (over 12,000MB/s) comes an increase in heat. This is why TeamGroup, through its gaming sub-brand T-Force, is beginning its pivot towards cooling solutions for both CPUs and SSDs, with the release of a rather innovative (albeit extremely vague) new combined AIO cooler for both components.

T-Force is no stranger to liquid cooling for its storage devices. About two years ago, it unveiled its Cardea Liquid M.2 PCIe SSD, which had a rather nice transparent housing, and which took in coolant from a small pipe on the side:

Image source: TeamGroup

It followed that up with a teaser for the currently unreleased Cardea Liquid II, which took it a step further, giving the SSD its own cooler:

Presumably, this new and mysterious CPU/SSD AIO cooler that TeamGroup is hinting at would be the next logical step. Though the company didn't give the cooler a name, this isn't the first time that it's mentioned a product in this specific category; it did so earlier this year, with the preliminary launch of an also unreleased Siren Series CPU/SSD AIO Liquid Cooler:

Image source: TeamGroup

While T-Force currently doesn't have a big portfolio when it comes to the AIO cooling niche, with its Siren GD240 and GD360 AIO coolers being the only ones they offer right now, this new CPU/SSD cooler would be quite a jump for the company, assuming it isn't vaporware. Still, with this new cooler hopefully on the way, along with the Cardea Liquid II, you can probably expect more efforts from TeamGroup in regards to cooling solutions, and consumers can always stand to gain from more competition.

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