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Synology Launches DiskStation Manager 5.0 Beta

By Joy Hou - on 24 Jan 2014, 10:20am

Synology Launches DiskStation Manager 5.0 Beta

Synology has announced the beta availability of DiskStation Manager (DSM) 5.0.

Image source: Synology.

Redesigned with simplicity in mind and optimized to take full advantage of ultra HD and Retina display, the main menu and widgets are revamped to provide convenient access to the features. Synology QuickConnect service now supports most packages, mobile applications, and even DSM to allow users to host and access their NAS servers effortlessly.

DSM 5.0 introduces Central Management System (Synology CMS) to enhance efficiency in managing a massive number of NAS servers. Synology CMS provides global resources monitor, remote server setup and update, and group policy editor for hundreds of NAS servers, all from a single portal and management interface. Additionally, Synology scale-out clustering solution is now available, enabling businesses to develop a more dynamic enterprise with scalable computing power and storage. Users can now grow their NAS array to up to 1PB of raw capacity in one single storage pool, which provides data protection and single namespace that can be easily accessed through CIFS protocol.

The all-new Cloud Sync package allows users to establish a safety net for their digital assets by synchronizing Dropbox, Google Drive and Baidu Cloud with Synology NAS. In addition, DSM 5.0 brings forth two-way synchronization through Cloud Station to share data between two Synology NAS servers, unveiling endless possibilities for data backup and work collaboration. Moreover, PC and mobile devices can now synchronize with multiple Synology NAS servers, and the provision of read-only mode allows uni-directional replication from NAS servers to clients.

Synology Snapshot Manager provides application-consistent snapshot to guarantee data integrity in VMware vSphere or Windows environment. In addition, DSM 5.0 now supports multiple backup versions by integrating block-level incremental backup technologies, greatly saving space and time when backing up. DSM 5.0 is also optimized to accommodate the ever increasing data throughput. iSCSI random read performance is enhanced by up to six times, while applications running on DSM become more responsive by compressing the least recently used data in memory. Furthermore, by offering full SSD cache reading and writing support, DSM 5.0 delivers significant reduction in I/O latency.

Browsing files on-the-go is easier with the revamped DS file, featuring thumbnail view, file compression/extraction on-the-fly, and file and folder sharing links. Managing and viewing photo collections are more intuitive with the introduction of tree view of albums in Photo Station. Android users can now stream photos to big screen via Apple TV. Video watching experience is optimized with the option to save videos for offline viewing in DS video. Windows Phone 8 users can now easily manage download tasks with DS download.

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