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Synology introduces SATA HDDs for their own storage systems

By Ken Wong - on 29 Jan 2021, 2:55pm

Synology introduces SATA HDDs for their own storage systems *updated*

The drives come in three capacities. Image courtesy of Synology.

*Updated: 29 January 2021 17.00: With pricing for two of the drives*

*Updated: 1February 2021 19.30: With OEM partner and what Synology is bringing to the product*

Synology has launched three new enterprise SATA hard drives in their new HAT5300 family.

The drives are available in 16TB, 12TB, and 8TB capacities and are aimed at businesses that need high-performance and maximum reliability from their Synology storage arrays. 


The drives were developed in conjunction with a partner the company was unable to name due to a non-disclosure agreement. However, Synology worked on developing the firmware powering the drives and on some production controls on the drives. Thus far, the drives have only been developed for enterprise use. 

According to the company, they carry out over 300,000 hours of in-house validation testing to ensure seamless interaction with Synology systems and DiskStation Manager (DSM). The drives are designed to provide stable, high-capacity storage for Synology storage systems, with automatic firmware updates through DSM so that the drives always have the latest firmware enhancements while reducing the work needed by system administrators.

Peggy Weng, Product Manager at Synology Inc. said:

The HAT5300 enterprise hard drives are great for business-critical data that require capacity, reliability, and cost-effective performance.


Performance testing

In internal testing using 12 drives on an SA3600, configured using RAID 5, against similar enterprise-class drives, the HAT5300 drives delivered up to 274 MB/s sustained data transfer and with DSM-specific optimisation, are up to 23% faster in sustained sequential read performance in demanding multi-user environments compared with competing drives.

Backed by a 2.5-million-hour MTTF rating, workload support of 550 TB per year, and persistent write cache technology to minimise data corruption in the event of sudden power loss, the HAT5300 series drives are built to workload demands in enterprise environments.

The specs sheet. Image courtesy of Synology.


Pricing and availability


Shipping with a five-year warranty, the drives are available now from Synology distributors in Singapore with the 8TB and 12TB priced at S$379 and S$559 respectively. The pricing for the 16TB is available on enquiry. 

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