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Synology’s new BeeDrive can be both your personal and work PC’s backup drive

By Ken Wong - on 9 Jun 2023, 8:18am

Synology’s new BeeDrive can be both your personal and work PC’s backup drive

Image source: Synology.

Synology has announced the launch of its new BeeDrive, a compact data storage device that can back up personal files and photos from a user’s computer, phone, and tablet.

David Hu, product manager at Synology Inc. said:

Every one of us is generating an unprecedented amount of data on various personal devices today. Better cameras and new photo or video formats, in particular, are eating up our phone or cloud storage space faster than ever. Internet upload speeds never caught up with the explosive growth in personal data, making it increasingly slower and more costly to store all our files in the cloud, especially if we just want to back up or archive old files elsewhere or exchange files between our personal devices. With BeeDrive, we hope to bring Synology's expertise in backup technologies to a larger group of users — many of whom are perfectly computer-literate, but have neither the time or the networking knowledge to host a server that runs 24/7 just for backup.

The BeeDrive is a small portable drive that measures 65mm x 65mm x 15mm and weighs 43g and is available in either a 1TB or 2TB options. According to Synology, a user’s data transfer speed may be affected by various factors such as file types and sizes, host devices, Wi-Fi speeds, cloud service providers, and other usage conditions, but the stated speed for the BeeDrive is 1.05Gbps. Synology says that this can be 11 times faster when backing up large files to the cloud from a PC, and six times faster than doing so from mobile devices.

BeeDrive will come with support for Windows, iOS, and Android. When asked, Synology said that support for macOS was forthcoming. 

Once plugged into a PC, users can select which folders they want to backup and BeeDrive will automatically back up all changes made in those folders in real-time. Backup files are stored on BeeDrive in the same format as they are on PC. In case of a computer failure, users can simply connect BeeDrive to another computer and access their files right away, without having to install any software and go through a time-consuming recovery process.

When switching between work and home computers, BeeDrive can help sync files on each computer as soon as it is plugged in, making sure that all files are always up-to-date on the computer users are working on while keeping a second copy on BeeDrive.

BeeDrive also backs up photos and videos from iOS and Android devices over Wi-Fi to protect a user’s phones and tablets. Just connect both the BeeDrive-connected PC and mobile devices to the same network and scan a QR code, and BeeDrive will start backing up your data on your phone.

Pricing and availability

Image source: Synology.

BeeDrive will be available from mid-June priced at S$219 for the 1TB model and S$379 for the 2TB model. According to Synology, the BeeDrive can be found at the company’s official stores on Lazada and Shopee for pre-order.

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