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Syfy’s new Hybrid VR series Halcyon will grip you in more ways than one

By Marcus Wong - on 16 Sep 2016, 11:52am

Syfy’s new Hybrid VR series Halcyon will grip you in more ways than one

Samsung Gear VR users are in for treat this weekend with the launch of Halcyon, a science fiction TV-series about the intersection of virtual reality (VR) and the real world. In the series, the world of 2040 has technology so advanced that VR projections (or Virtual Intelligence as they are called in the show) have their own thoughts, feelings and motivations.

We follow Detective Julie Dover of the Virtual Reality Crimes Unit as she investigates the first real-life murder to happen within virtual reality. That’s a crime that shouldn’t even be possible - VR isn’t supposed to be able to physically touch people. Yet that’s the exact same progress that the CEO of a major VR company claims to have acheived. Coincidence, or conspiracy?

One VR episode for every linear one.

The 15-episode series consists of 10 five-minute linear episodes (which consist of pre-shot footage much like a regular TV series) and five special VR episodes that are available only via the Halcyon VR app. These episodes place you back at the scene of the crime, and get you to assist Detective Dover in solving the crime by looking at various clues to get more information. 

These VR episodes are spliced between the linear ones, so provide extra information to fill in the blanks. However, a short recap of each VR episode will be played before each linear episodes begins, so people who only watch the linear episodes won’t miss out on the story line. 

The VR episodes recreate a scene from the show that you can investigate.

We got a quick viewing of the series, and think that the VR portions are fairly well handled. Using your head to navigate around the room if fairly simple: you simply move your head to move an on-screen cursor and tap the side of the headset to “walk” to the point. Viewing the linear episodes also is enhanced in a sense, as the virtual screen you watch it on is probably the equivalent of an 80” TV. 

If you’re a fan of science fiction or detective novels, this is certainly something to check out.

Halcyon premieres on TV 22nd September, Thursday, 10pm on Syfy (Starhub Ch 517) and will be available anytime from 22nd September at The VR experience is available on Samsung Gear VR via the Halycon VR app which can be downloaded from the Oculus store for US$9.99.  Order between the 22nd-25th September though, and the app only costs US$4.99.

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