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Swatch will start selling its own smart watch within next three months

By Kenny Yeo - on 6 Feb 2015, 2:52pm

Swatch will start selling its own smart watch within next three months

In a recent interview, Swatch CEO Nick Hayek revealed that his company will release its own smart watch in the next two to three months. This means it will go head to head with Apple's own smart watch. Apple CEO Tim Cook most recently said that it will be ready in April.

Details about Swatch's smart watch are hazy at the moment, with Hayek only mentioning that it will connect to devices via NFC and, most incredibly, won't have to be charged. Presumably this means that it would use some form of mechanical technology to generate energy. This would not be new, Japanese watchmaker Seiko has already been making quartz watches which can be charged using hand movements since the late 80s.

Additionally, Hayek also said that the watch will let its wearers make mobile payments and will work "with Windows and Android software", which could mean that it might not be compatible with iOS and Mac devices.

Swatch is no stranger to smart watches, having collaborated with Microsoft back in 2004 on a watch called the Paparazzi, which could access the MSN Direct service to receive news and updates. The company, which also owns Tissot, has also been making watches with touch displays for over a decade.

This latest announcement sees yet another Swiss watch brand jump onto the smart watch bandwagon. In December last year, Tag Heuer announced that they too will be making a smart watch. And just last month, Montblanc announced its own wearable device - the Timewalker Urban Speed e-Strap.

Source: Bloomberg

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