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SuperInternet decommissions its data plans and moves subscribers over to ViewQwest

By Ken Wong - on 15 Aug 2023, 10:10am

SuperInternet decommissions its data plans and moves subscribers over to ViewQwest

Goodbye to SuperInternet?

According to reports in the HardwareZone forums, Supernet or SuperInternet Access Pte Ltd, is swapping over its customers to ViewQwest.

When asked, we were told by the company this was being done as part of its plans to exit the data market and concentrate on its Unified Communications and Collaboration market with connectivity ending in September.

The company teamed up with ViewQwest to offer customers a continuity option based on their existing plans with no change to charges. But has left it up to the customer to decide on whether to swap over.

From the information we’ve seen online, customers who transfer their existing plan over to ViewQwest will experience some downtime, while those who presumably sign up for an existing ViewQwest promo won’t.

This is not much of an issue if you plan to subscribe or transfer over 1Gbps or 2Gbps plans. But from what we understand, SuperInternet also offered a 10Gbps plan that ViewQwest doesn’t. An online FAQ from SuperInternet states that the 10Gbps plan from ViewQwest will use the customer’s existing set up so it looks like even this speed plan will be fulfilled.

No information has been shared on pricing with the FAQ stating, “The equivalent plans between SuperInternet and ViewQwest have been mapped out, and the information has been shared in the novation letter sent by SuperInternet.”

Source: HWZ forums

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