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Superheroes hunt for The Boys in an action-packed trailer for Season 2

By Tim Augustin - on 13 Jul 2020, 1:08pm

Superheroes hunt for The Boys in an action-packed trailer for Season 2

Image: Amazon

And you thought Season 1 was violent. 

Amazon Prime has released an extremely eventful new trailer for The Boys Season 2, picking up right after the first season’s shocking cliffhanger. While we don’t get too many spoilers here, we do get a sense of where the season is going - and it’s going very badly for the Boys. 

Watch the trailer below:

This season, The Boys don’t have the luxury of being unknowns anymore. The superheroes they’re after have turned the tables, and they would not stand a chance in a fair fight. Homelander and the rest of the Seven are hot on the Boys’ trail as the group goes on the run, leaving a devastating wake of destruction in their path. 

At this point, Homelander has become quite unhinged in his search for Billy Butcher and his Boys. He laser-visions someone to death and squashes another’s head, while dealing with the introduction of a new team member to the Seven. This would be Stormfront, who boasts flashy new electrical powers. On the whole, this show’s budget seems to have been increased by quite a bit. Look at all of that action!

The Boys is a series that has a lot of fun throwing away typical superhero conventions by portraying said heroes as sick, twisted people who merely pretend to be good in public. Instead of satirising superheroes in a grounded way like Watchmen, it’s a black comedy with stylised violence and a pretty hilarious lead in Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher. Season 1 was a surprise hit when it debuted last year, but will Season 2 keep up that momentum? 

The Boys Season 2 will hit Amazon Prime Video on September 4, 2020.