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StarHub shows plans to bring 5G to the masses with 5G pop-up COWs *updated*

By Ken Wong - on 12 Dec 2019, 6:03pm

Starhub shows plans to bring 5G to the masses with 5G pop-up COWs

Are you ready for this StarHub 5G COW?

*Updated with comments on price plans*

For the next two days, visitors to StarHub's headquarters in Ubi will get the chance to experience the power of 5G in four different experiential zones and see what 5G will be able to do for them when it finally arrives.

While the trial here is only for the next two days, Johan Buse, Chief of Consumer Business Group, StarHub said that StarHub plans to roll out the showcase to more locations next year and this initial trial is to give the public a glimpse into the new world of 5G.

“Getting 10 times faster data speeds is a known fact, but 5G is more than just faster speeds. 5G’s signature low-latency data transfers, private networking and massive IoT capabilities will transform how everyone lives, works and plays,” he added.


These StarHub COWs will be able to deploy 5G to any location.

5G showcase is entirely connected via StarHub’s 5G COW (Cellular-On-Wheels), which beams 5G signals to commercial OPPO phones and Nokia 5G Fixed Wireless Access devices. StarHub says that the 5G COW is Singapore’s first 5G base station on wheels that can be deployed to handle spikes in mobile usage at major events. For this showcase, the 5G COW is transmitting signals over trial 3.5GHz spectrum granted by the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA).

The four experiential zones o showcase are:

1) Cloud Gaming: Participants can play an action-adventure video game, experiencing how 5G enables smooth and responsive game streaming. With 5G, game control input is transmitted to and from the remote gaming servers instantaneously without lag. In addition, large data storage and intensive graphics processing are taken care of in the cloud and streamed directly to gamers’ devices for unparalleled convenience. There is less of a need to lug a heavy-duty gaming rig everywhere. Bye-bye backpack computer systems.

2) Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) at Home: Participants can experience how 5G FWA enables smooth streaming of 4K content across multiple devices without adversely impacting download or surfing speeds. In addition, FWA can deliver instant-on plug-and-play ultra-high-speed broadband to support home and business customers with short-term connectivity needs or where a building has no fibre backhaul infrastructure.

3) Multi-party Video Conference: Participants can experience how 5G can improve the quality of multi-party mobile video calls – no more call drops or pixelation issues. People can have clear group video calls with loved ones across borders, while enterprises can be empowered to facilitate virtual discussions and remote operations with ease.

4) Augmented Reality (AR): Participants can experience how 5G AR can speed up security clearance at events, buildings, checkpoints and sensitive installations. Empowered by AR glasses and facial recognition technologies, security personnel can immediately verify visitors’ identity for quick clearance without needing them to provide documentation.

StarHub’s 5G showcase is located at 67 Ubi Avenue 1, Singapore 408942 and is open till 6 pm today and between 9 am and 6 pm tomorrow.

When asked about possible price plans under 5G especially since people have grown used to having large pools of data available at reasonable prices, Buse could only say that the telcos would have to wait and see what the costs would be at the time in order to price their plans accordingly. He added that StarHub would price any of its offerings competitively to attract and retain customers. Buse also said that the capabilities of 5G could cannibalise their wired customer base. 

That said, StarHub is not the only one carrying out 5G trials. We recently attended a Huawei AI Lab opening where they were also running trials over 5G, and earlier in the year, Singtel and Singapore Polytechnic launched their own 5G garage to help businesses test possible use case scenarios.

The local 5G scene is picking up the pace and you can be sure you'll get all the details from HardwareZone as the scene unfolds. Stay tuned!

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