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StarHub launches HomeHub Plus, Singapore's first broadband, TV and Netflix bundle for your binging pleasure

By Zachary Chan & Vijay Anand - on 14 Mar 2020, 9:45am

StarHub HomeHub Plus

Note: This article was first published on 6 Mar 2020.

New year, new change

Let's face it, in these uncertain times, you're more likely to be spending an inordinate time at home. To keep yourself busy, or to keep the peace if you have kids, having more options is always better. In swoops StarHub to the rescue. Riding high on their #HelloChange campaign, they've just launched a new and revamped HomeHub Plus plan that comprises all of the following into a single bundle:-

As an added launch bonus, you'll get another free Entertainment Pass for 24-months (the duration of the HomeHub Plus contract).

Subscribers will get free installation and service activation for the Fibre Broadband plan, plus free activation and a set-top box for the StarHub TV.


How much is the new plan?

The HomeHub Plus plan is available now for S$79.90 with a 24-month contract.


What are all the StarHub Entertainment Passes and Netflix viewing options in this plan?

To recap, StarHub's revamped TV plans now offer content via Entertainment Passes, of which there are  7 major categories: English Entertainment, Asian Entertainment, Malay Entertainment, Indian Entertainment, Filipino Entertainment, Movies, and Sports. Each Pass lets you watch one category at a time, though you can freely switch to another (it takes about a day to activate). So if you have two Passes, you can activate two categories at a time - and it's any two of your choice!

Do note that HomeHub Plus bundles a Standard Netflix plan (Full HD 1080p, 2-screens and applicable on any device type), with an option to upgrade to the Premium plan (4K UHD, 4-screens) for an S$4 top-up. This difference is the same as what Netflix charges between its Standard and Premium plans (S$15.98 and S$19.98 respectively), so you won't lose out either way. If you happen to already have a Netflix account, you can also nominate it to be included in the HomeHub Plus plan rather than creating a new one.


Is it really worth it?

We've done some number crunching and the table below shows the savings you'll get per month if you subscribe to StarHub's HomeHub Plan compared to each service individually.


Stand-alone subscription

HomeHub Plus

1Gbps Fibre Broadband



Main Entertainment Pass



Additional Entertainment Pass


*Free for 24-months

Netflix Standard Plan



Total S$ per-month



Total savings S$ per-month



The savings are substantial enough that you could even get yourself a StarHub 25GB SIM Only mobile plan and still save! 


I'm currently a StarHub TV/fibre customer on contract - can I switch to the new HomeHub Plan?

Yes, you can! You don't have to complete your existing contract obligation, but it's basically signing up a new 2-year contract that starts from the point of successful application and doing away with your existing contract.


The new plan sounds familiar, where have I heard of it?

Back in 2018, StarHub had a HomeHub Plus plan, but it packed a 1Gbps fibre broadband, 21Mbps mobile broadband, 3 basic groups on fibre TV, and unlimited local calls on your home phone. However, times have changed and so too have service offerings changed. The new StarHub Home Plus plan today is catered for the audience of 2020. Welcome to a new decade.

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