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StarHub launches an MTD solution to help staff keep their devices safe from mobile threats

By Ken Wong - on 12 Jun 2023, 2:24pm

StarHub launches MTD solution to help staff keep their devices safe from mobile threats

Image source: StarHub.

StarHub announced the launch of its Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) solution to address the increasing threat of mobile security breaches encountered by businesses.

Powered by Zimperium MTD's mobile security platform identifies zero-day malware and mobile threats, providing users with real-time, on-device protection against attacks and uses machine learning to protect mobile devices, apps and data against known and unknown threats. It does not require a network connection, cloud-based sandbox or signatures, ensuring consistent protection even when the device is offline.

StarHub's MTD solution provides the following protection:

  • Unsecured Wi-Fi networks – Protect the device against Rogue Access Points (RAP) and man-in-the-middle (MITMS) to steal data and deliver targeted exploits to compromise the device.
  • Mobile Phishing – Protect against phishing via text/messaging apps that attempt to steal credentials and deliver targeted exploits.
  • Unsafe Apps – Protect against malicious apps that can create fraud, steal information and deliver device exploits.
  • Device attacks – Protect against devices being fully compromised such as when a user uses outdated OS versions.

Businesses can choose from two deployment options:

  • The basic solution, a mobile app, is included as part of the enterprise mobile bundle. It is also available as a value-added service (VAS), allowing StarHub Enterprise Postpaid Mobile subscribers to sign up for real-time device protection at a minimal cost per month.
  • The solution is also available for enterprises as a standalone solution. This features an advanced cloud-native management zConsole to enable administrators to manage policies, monitor threats and mitigate mobile risks.

Image source: StarHub.

This may be the first time that StarHub has launched an MTD solution, but they’ve had an endpoint solution and some form of Mobile Device Management for a while. In 2021, StarHub announced a 24- or 36-month mobile device leasing plan for enterprises that covers repairs, pick-up and return services, and courtesy device loans during repairs. It is now providing enterprise mobile clients with MTD as an added benefit. The

According to Starhub, its MTD solution prevents, detects, and remedies mobile threats on mobile devices on iOS and Android. Its Ensign Managed Detection and Response solution, however, takes on the day-to-day defence of the business infrastructure by monitoring its network, systems and data.

StarHub's Enterprise Mobile Threat Defence Basic Solution when provided as a value-added service starts from $5.40/user/month (inclusive of GST) whereas its Enterprise Mobile Threat Defence Enterprise Solution is customised to the requirements of the organisation.

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