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StarHub launches new cybersecurity app to protect customer’s devices

By Ken Wong - on 10 Mar 2022, 11:00am

StarHub launches new cybersecurity app to protect customer’s devices

CyberProtect will protect a customer's devices from cyberattack. Image source: StarHub.

With cyber-attacks showing no signs of slowing down, StarHub is making it easier for its consumer customers to find help with the launch of CyberProtect.

This is an all-in-one online protection service that can be installed on multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs to protect them from viruses, ransomware, and personal data theft.

In partnership with cybersecurity company F-Secure, CyberProtect includes antivirus protection, virtual private network (VPN) access, and advanced parental controls in a single app. 

With the announcement today, StarHub Mobile postpaid customers can sign up for CyberProtect via their My StarHub app. Once they subscribe, they can download an installer to either their smartphone or laptop to install the protection software. 

More than just antivirus, CyberProtect goes a step further to detect and remove malware automatically and remove any dangerous programs behind the scenes.  

Subscribers will have the option to turn the VPN on or off in the app. Turn it on and Internet traffic is immediately encrypted when online surfing, streaming. This is especially important for customers when connecting to public Wi-Fi, as a VPN prevents snooping from hackers and trackers. Most users would have used a VPN to stream content from overseas. Here, you can use it to stream content over your StarHub TV+ app. However, those needing access to an internal business intranet via a corporate VPN may need to turn off the CyberProtect VPN. 

The advanced parental controls allow subscribers to establish boundaries for device use, setting screen-time limits and content filters for children or ensuring the elderly can explore the Internet safely and securely.

StarHub customers have the option of subscribing to CyberProtect 3 at S$4.99 monthly (U.P. $9.99) for the protection of three devices or CyberProtect 6 at S$7.99 monthly (U.P. $19.99) to protect six devices.

New and recontracting customers who require CyberProtect 3 and Caller Number Display can take up a new bundle called Protect+, at S$7.99 monthly (U.P. $15.34).

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