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StarHub’s new HubBundle combines mobile SIM-only, fibre broadband, Disney+, and Netflix into one package

By Liu Hongzuo & Vijay Anand - on 14 Sep 2021, 11:23am

StarHub’s new HubBundle combines mobile SIM-only, fibre broadband, Disney+, and Netflix into one package

StarHub HubBundle.

A new Hub Bundle for a new year

In its bid to satisfy consumer needs for data, StarHub just launched an extremely attractive HubBundle that combines several plans and streaming services into one.

HubBundle is a two-year contract plan launching at S$79.90 per month, and it bundles the following key services into one subscription:

StarHub is also throwing in a free Smart WiFi mesh router (worth S$199) with a complimentary two-year warranty and free post-sales support, too. More information about StarHub’s HubBundle can be found at its official website here.

If you would like to upsize your Netflix Standard plan to a Premium plan for 4K goodness and access on four simultaneous devices, you can top-up it up at S$4 per month when you indicate your interest to the customer service representative. Similar 'upgrades' can be performed if you wish to get more Smart WiFi mesh routers or top up for a Smart WiFi Pro unit.


Didn't StarHub launch a hub plan just last year?

The new HubBundle is not to be confused with last year's HomeHub Plus (also known as HomeHub+), which offers StarHub TV+ instead of the mobile SIM Only phone plan. So instead of broadband and TV, this new plan targets broadband and mobile and it's made more appealing because of the cost-effective SIM Only plan rather than a more expensive Mobile+ plan. In any case, HomeHub+ is still around and it's a matter of choice of which best suits your needs.

I'm currently a StarHub TV+ / HomeHub+ customer on contract - can I switch to the new HubBundle Plan?

If you're paying solely for StarHub TV+, you can get the new HubBundle plan and continue paying for StarHub TV+ at the existing rates for the chosen TV passes on your plan. 

However, if you're on the HomeHub+ plan, this plan must be completed before you can make a change/hop over to the HubBundle plan.

How can the HubBundle plan be so affordable? Is there a catch?

Take note that S$79.90 is the launch promotional price. The HubBundle's will cost S$89.90 per month once the promotions end. Even at its non-promotional price, it still presents good cost savings.

Is HubBundle worth it?

According to StarHub, HubBundle can help users “enjoy more than S$400 in cost savings over two years”. We've done some number crunching and the table below shows the savings you'll get per month if you subscribe to StarHub's HubBundle Plan compared to each service individually.


Stand-alone subscription


1Gbps Fibre Broadband



Mobile SIM Only Plan with 5G



Netflix Standard Plan



12 months of Disney+ S$11.98 *Free for 12 months

Total S$ per-month



Total savings S$ per-month



Just be sure to take note that after the first year, you'll have to top up for Disney+ service.

Beyond savings, what makes HubBundle stand out is that it combines four different subscriptions into a single HubBundle subscription, so there are significantly fewer lines of payment to track. HubBundle subscribers can access the subscription’s e-bill via the My StarHub app, further simplifying bill management. 

“We take connectivity and entertainment one step further, by enabling unique, unmatched experiences. Play mobile games online with near-zero lag, at speeds fast enough to compete professionally; (sic) or stream videos in high definition on-the-go, switching seamlessly to the big screen when home and picking up where you left off. With the game-changing, power-packed HubBundle, StarHub customers can enjoy all these and more, in one comprehensive package,” said Johan Buse, Chief of Consumer Business Group, StarHub. 

StarHub is on a roll

StarHub has been aggressively upgrading its consumer services in the last two years. Outside of deploying both its NSA and SA 5G network, the green telco also started offering cloud gaming service GeForce NOW. It also received the right to distribute Disney+ through its channels and platforms.

More information about StarHub’s HubBundle can be found at its official website here.

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