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StarHub and Sunseap will offer solar power for Jurong residents come April

By Alvin Soon - on 19 Mar 2018, 4:17pm

StarHub and Sunseap will offer solar power for Jurong residents come April

Starting in April, StarHub and Sunseap will offer electricity generated by solar power. Jurong residents will be the first to have the option to switch to these clean energy plans.

StarHub and Sunseap are able to offer electricity plans because of the Open Electricity Market. Announced in 2015, the market lets households buy electricity from electricity retailers. Before, only commercial and industrial users enjoyed this flexibility. Now, residents will be able to do the same. According to StarHub and Sunseap, switching electricity retailers will be a seamless process.

This is how the process works. Power generated by Sunseap’s solar panels goes into Singapore’s electricity grid. This central grid powers all households in Singapore. If one household uses an average of 500kWh, Sunseap pumps 500kWh of clean energy into the grid. The more people subscribe to the clean energy plans, the more clean energy funnels to the grid. Sunseap says the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) will audit and certify the use of clean energy.

StarHub and Sunseap will offer two clean energy subscription plans, called ‘Green Life’ and ‘Green Save.’

Green Life is a 100% clean energy plan. Subscribers will receive electricity produced by Sunseap at the usual regulated electricity tariff. Green Save subscribers will receive 5% clean power and a 20% discount off the regulated tariff. StarHub and Sunseap will offer these solar energy plans to the rest of Singapore’s households in the later half of 2018.

For the next three years, StarHub will channel 5% of its profits from this business into a clean energy fund. The fund will be used for environmental conservation efforts.

Singapore-based Sunseap has installed solar systems across more than 1,000 buildings here. Sunseap supplies power to Apple Singapore, which uses solar energy for its local operations. Sunseap also provides solar power to Microsoft Singapore’s datacenter services.

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