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Star Wars: Tales of the Empire drops with a gorgeous trailer, debuts on May the 4th on Disney Plus

By Zelda Lee - on 4 May 2024, 8:44am

Star Wars: Tales of the Empire drops with a gorgeous trailer, will debut on May the 4th on Disney Plus

Note: This article was first published on 15th April 2024 and it's republished today because it's Star Wars Day!

Image Source: Disney+

In late 2022, LucasFilm and Disney+ gave us Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi (read our review), a series of six animated shorts that explored the early days of characters like Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku, the latter before his transformation into a Sith Lord.

The forthcoming series, Tales of the Empire, looks to illuminate the backstory of Morgan Elsbeth, who has connections with Grand Admiral Thrawn, and will continue the story of Barriss Offee after her exit from the Jedi Order. Check out the gorgeous trailer below:

Scheduled for release on 4 May, to align with the annual Star Wars celebration, Tales of the Empire comes just a month before The Acolyte hits the streaming platform, offering a look into the rise of the dark side during the High Republic era, predating the prequel trilogy.

The initial trailer suggests that the narrative scope of Tales of the Empire may extend beyond the Empire's reign. It hints at exploring Morgan's origins on Dathomir and what transpires after the Galactic Empire's fall, setting the stage for her roles in the live-action series The Mandalorian Season 2 and Ahsoka Season 1.

As for Barriss Offee, after her infamous betrayal and a series of severe actions during the Clone Wars, it seems she's been drawn into the Inquisitorius, an organisation under Darth Vader tasked with hunting down surviving Jedi. Her path appears very dark indeed.

With Tales of the Empire and The Acolyte on the horizon, plus the anticipation of the first open-world Star Wars game by Ubisoft, Star Wars Outlaws, due 30 August, this is looking to be a very exciting year for Star Wars fans already.

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