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The trailer for Square Enix's follow-up to Octopath Traveler looks breathtaking

By Tim Augustin - on 18 Feb 2021, 11:50am

The trailer for Square Enix's follow-up to Octopath Traveler looks breathtaking

Image: Square Enix

Dumb name for a good-looking game, it's got to be said. 

Today’s Nintendo Direct saw the reveal of Project Triangle Strategy, Square Enix’s follow-up to the RPG Octopath Traveler. This is another game touted as a ‘2D HD game’, blending classic RPG sprites with tilt-shifted environments for a uniquely gorgeous visual style.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

Unlike Octopath Traveller however, Project Triangle Strategy will be a tactics-style game along the lines of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Combat involves being defensive and strategic, moving along a grid and placing characters in certain positions to maximise damage. The trailer emphasised that the game’s battles will often take place on terrain with ‘different elevations’, meaning that having the high ground will have an impact on combat. Is this all just one big Obi-Wan simulator? Time will tell. 

The game still has RPG elements however, specifically choices with consequences. The trailer mentions that your actions in the story can radically change how things unfold, so don’t take your characters’ journeys too lightly or you might lose them for good. Square Enix describes the story as such: "In the war-torn continent of Norzelia, three nations vie for control over the vital resources of salt and iron. This is a tale of a kingdom brought to the precipice, and the brave souls who would fight for their ideals in the face of calamity..."

Project Triangle Strategy will launch on the Nintendo Switch in 2022, but why hear me babble on about it when you can try it yourself? A demo of the game is now available to download on the Nintendo eShop, so give it a shot if you’d like. 

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